Nurturing Fathers for Life

Tuesday Evenings 6pm - 8:30pm

Become the great dad you've always wanted to be.

Do you feel like you're missing out on your child's youth? Are you afraid of making the wrong decisions or falling short for your family? In this 12-week evening class, learn what it means to be a responsible father. Discuss work/life balance, recognizing your weaknesses, and how to teach effective values to your children.

This program has been a staple of the fatherhood work in Muskingum County since 2003.

ForeverDads has graduated over 130 men through this basic foundation program that provides core competencies of fatherhood disciplines and values. Relationship understandings cut at the heart of this great program, empowering men to regain their confidence in their rightful place in the life of their children while always respecting themselves in their actions and conduct with the mother of their children.

An extension of this program includes membership into an exclusive group called the NFL Alumni Association. The NFL Alumni Association provides opportunities to reconnect with other graduates, find support and activities to continue the strengthening of their life development.

For more information on the program, download the NFL brochure (pdf).