Are you ready?

This three hour crash-course focuses on preparing first-time dads for the way a newborn will change your life. The program covers some of the details of the delivery room, and how to be helpful to new moms once you get home. Receive advice and stories from a new dad who was in your shoes just a few months before.

Watch the video or download the brochure (PDF).

Boot Camp for New Dads is where expectant fathers or "rookie dads" learn from veteran fathers (those who recently birthed their first baby) about the ups and downs of fatherhood. The soon-to-be fathers will learn how to properly hold, feed and change their baby's diaper in a class that involves a real baby.

This three (3) hour training offers tips on everything from helping breastfeeding moms with late night feedings, to being more patient. It's all advice on raising a happy, healthy baby that veteran dads are happy to share. It makes a difference when you hear it from someone who's just gone through it.

In addition to the hands on program, each new dad will receive a copy of the the book, "Crash Course for Dads-to-Be" This guidebook will be a best friend to each new dad as they journey through fatherhood.